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tv   [untitled]    May 11, 2015 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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effective in our communications. there is a lot of really exciting things happening with video remote interpreting. speaking of emergency management team. tomorrow is the 109th anniversary of the san francisco earthquake. i'm going to be at the fountain at 5:00 a.m.. if anyone would like to join me. i want to acknowledge that the city has been doing so much to try and build an earthquake resistance environment here in our infrastructure . we have our own city hall that was severely damaged in the loma prieta earthquake. we have the new san francisco hospital building that will be opening in 2016. the retrofitted fire station and the water supply system and the soft story mandatory retrofit program that
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is going to be upgrading some of our most important vulnerable affordable housing. the city can't really do it all for everybody. i always like to the anniversaries of these big disasters as a reminder that each of us need to take this responsibility and make us as prepared as possible. this is my reminder that i give you probably at least twice a year to make a plan, especially communication plan and a reunification plan. put together a kid with your basic grab and go features and remember to include your important medications or assistive devices and think about the ways that you too can become an emergency respond tore help out our friends, our neighbors and our families to get through a difficult time. the way we do that is by training. if you haven't already taken training through the nerd
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program, i want to remind you that it really easy and fun and all you do is go to the nert website to find out when that starts. that concludes my director's report and at this time i would like to ask heather kittel to give us a quick report on ada. >> good afternoon, council member an members of the public. i'm heather kitten the ada office of mayor on disability and will be discussing complaints on reasonable accommodations. in the month of march we received a total of 18 complaints which is an increase in the amount of complaints from the months of january
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and february. combined. these complaints fall into two major categories. the public right-of-way access and maintenance of accessible features in a city facilities and programs. many of the complaints involved obstructions to the public right-of-way due to construction projects and over grown vegetation blocking the sidewalk. in these cases we collaborate with the public works to investigate and remedy the issues as soon as possible. we also received complaints about steep curb ramps that were difficult to use and the absence of marked crossings. the list involves broken power lifts and broken elevators. in these cases reports for repair work orders were issued.
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if you experience difficulty with these items, please call the office at 415-554-6789 or you can call 311. we also received calls for accommodation. i'm going to talk about a request inform accommodation. it was filed by an individual who had a learning disability who requested they be granted additional time to speak during public comment at a public meeting inform this case they reported they direct connection between their disability and that need and due to the learning disability it takes a while to communicate what they are trying to say t board did grant this accommodation. they reasonably modified their policy to grant them some additional time. we also received 77 inquiries
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which involved information and referral and request for ada technical assistance. out of these 99% we received from the public and 1 percent from city departments. most of these inquiries involved questions about reasonable accommodations specifically related to housing and service animals. we also received a lot of inquiries about reasonable accommodation related to employment. and for those who don't understand what a reasonable accommodation is. what it is is a change or an exception to the way we usually do something in order to afford a person with a disability an equal opportunity. if you are interested in learning more about reasonable accommodations, there is actually a great resource out there, it's called the job accommodation network and it's a service that's true the u.s. department of labor. there is a technical assistance center and they
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provide information to not only employees but employers about their rights and responsibilities and they have a great online tool where people can search a data base for different accommodation options for different types of disabilities. let me provide you that information. the website is https: //ask you can contact them directly. the voice 1-800526-7234. 187. 9743. we do not see for
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compliance employment related issues. if you are an employee you can contact the department of human resources. if you work for a private business, you can contact the state office. the california department of fair employment and housing. let me give you their voice number and tty number. the voice number is 1-800, 884-1684. the tty number. 1-800, 700-2320. and the resource for the federal government, the office is called the equal employment opportunity commission. 1-800, 469-4000. or
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tty, 1-800, 269-6800. this concludes my report. >> thank you, director johnson and ms. kittel for your report. we are going to move on to no. 10, public comment. items not on today's agenda but within the jurisdiction of the mdc, each speaker is limited to three minutes.3 minutes. >> i have rue krofs. >> thank you. i have three items today. my name is rue krofs. i have been a cab driver since 1973. i only quit
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driving last year. my first item is about the phone app for cab drivers. it's called flywheel. at the present time probably 90% of the cab drivers are using this. you use the fly wheel app. you can get almost every cab in town except for this little problem. fly wheel recently increased the amount that they are taking from drivers from 10% to 13 and change. from the drivers point of view it was completely arbitrary. you got a message on your phone that says, say yes to the contract and it was over. it was 18 pages long. i don't know how you read it that fast. nobody i know did. a lot of drivers were using the
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phone that flywheel allows and assigns to the driver in the cab so one driver would see this thing and the other drivers never saw they had been signed up for it. they didn't post anything with the cab companies. so lots of drivers only knew it when they realized they were making money off their flywheel. drivers are not using the flywheel app because god help us they are making more money and being treated with more respect by uber. well, if you've got a para transit debt card, uber doesn't use that. it could cost you more. cab
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drivers would like to ask you to write a letter to flywheel saying you know, we don't like this increase in the personal that you are taking for cab drivers and could you meet with cab drivers. we actually had one meeting with them. so that was actually one of my items. the other two are really short. if we can have curb cuts at every bus bulb so cabs with rear loading ramp taxi can pull in front of the bus bulb and unload directly onto the sidewalk and the other, if the elevator information font bart on the ground was included in every radio traffic
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report. i leave my home in the morning. i have no idea if i can get on the bart. thank you. >> thank you. jerry grace? >> i have to point out something to let you know very soon i'm going to get a flyer to you about september 20, the golden gate thing is coming up. at this point i have no flyer yet. very soon a flyer will come to you. second thing i want to say, if they have the
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show, the new buses come and i am wondering. i don't know if it good or not, but you discussed it in a meeting about this to see if they show this in front of the city hall and the next time you have a meeting talk about people think about the bus and what they think do they like it or not like it and come down and check it out and then you guys, we will come back and talk about it on tv live and tell them what you guys think about it and all you guys talk about it and we will talk about it to see if it's good or not good. it's
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what we did to alameda county and maybe change things around or maybe not. we don't know what the buses look like. we'll check it out. if the bus do show up and we check it out what we say. what we think about it. or have any other questions about any of the buses that do show whether they change or what it would look like. we don't know anything change and we don't know what the bus looks like. one last thing i want to say something else very important. if people go to from col on sunday
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to august, they are working on the track. it's very important from now to august. every sunday working on it all day long. that's very important. thank you. >> any further public comment? okay. >> we are going to move on to information item no. 11. is there any correspondence? >> there is no correspondence. >> thank you. we are going to move on to discussion item no. 12. any council member comments or announcements? council member wong? >> yes, just to respond to mr. grace's
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comment. you know, you are certainly invited to the muni advisory committee. that's how we find out other information about the future buses and the trains that is coming out too. so we can invite you to those meetings and it's held on every third thursday of the month from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at 1 south van ness avenue. i can get your information, i think i got your contact information. i can send you the information about when the next meeting is. okay? >> thank you. so we are going to item no. 13. to adjourn. thank you everyone for being here today and have a
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nice weekend. [ meeting is adjourned ] >> >>
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